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Dress Code

It is expected that all students at Corona Fundamental Intermediate School shall maintain their person and clothing in a clean and neat manner, consistent with the student dress code and compatible with the instructional program. A student's dress and general appearance should not interfere with teaching or learning. Dress or grooming which is obscene, defamatory, unsafe, or which incites students and creates a substantial disruption of the orderly operation of the school is prohibited. For obvious reasons, the following items of clothing are considered inappropriate for school attire and we expect students to follow these guidelines:

  1. Clothing and other personal possessions containing emblems, lettering, musical groups, or pictures pertaining to gangs (skulls, skeletons, crowns), drugs, tobacco, alcohol, sex, weapons, death, mutilation or violence shall not be worn. Apparel with emblems, printing etc., that are obscene, libelous, slanderous, or incite students may not be worn, i.e.: Zog Sex Wax, Corona Beer, SMP, Occult Groups, pictures of paint for graffiti, pictures of gangsters, or degrading or offensive words or pictures to any gender, cultures, religions, or ethnic values is prohibited.

  2. Studded jewelry of any kind including studded wrist or ankle bands, rings, gloves and belts. Students shall not wear chains or have them in their possession. This includes chains for wallets.

  3. Sports jerseys or mesh clothing, sleeveless shirts, tank tops, halter tops, tube tops, strapless, backless, off-the-shoulder or midriffs are not to be worn. See-through or tight fitting garments or those that reveal undergarments shall not be worn on campus, including clothing which has been altered in an inappropriate manner, i.e. torn or slits. Bathing suits, tops or sweaters unbuttoned below the sternum, cut off shorts or pants without hems are unacceptable. Pants must be at least 1" from the ground and not exceed 4" from the width from the leg.
    SHIRTS ARE TO BE TUCKED IN AT ALL TIMES. "Baby doll" shirts, shorts, and skirts must reach fingertips of extended arms. Pants/shorts are to be sized appropriately. Pants must fit at the waist. Belts are required and must be in belt loops. Belt buckles must be appropriate. An extra belt should be kept in student's locker. Sagging is unacceptable. Shorts and skirts are to be at an acceptable length for sitting as well as standing. Undergarments or posterior shall not show. Athletic suits, sweats and/or jogging pants/shorts and pajamas are not acceptable.

  4. Hats, caps, hairnets, bandannas, hoods and stocking caps are not allowed at school.

  5. Appropriate shoes shall be worn by students at all times on campus and must have hard soles. Sandals must have straps over the instep, toes, and ankles. Flip-flops, clogs or zorries are not acceptable. Inappropriate emblems are not allowed on shoes.

  6. Any make-up, aerosol hairspray, hair color, hair style, or wig that creates a disturbance in the classroom or on campus is inappropriate. Hair color must be natural color. Hair that is bleached or dyed is unacceptable. Subtle highlights are acceptable. Hair color which is orange, green, purple, etc., is not appropriate. Hair will be neatly groomed and styled and must not interfere with vision. Hair cuts such as mohawks, fohawks, spikes (longer than 1"), horns, etc. are not acceptable. Facial hair is not allowed.
  7. Sunglasses shall not be worn on campus.

  8. Wearing jewelry requiring body piercing in areas other than the ear is unacceptable. (i.e. nose or lip rings.) Ear plugs (stretchers) are not allowed.

  9. Sweatshirts with hood disguises covering the face are unacceptable.

Any other clothing or grooming that so incites students to create a disturbance or presents a clear and present danger of the commission of unlawful acts at school or of the violation of school regulations is prohibited.

CFIS administrative staff reserves the right to determine acceptable or unacceptable attire.

Our dress policy is open to revision as fads and fashions change. Students should continue to show good judgment when choosing their school attire and hair styles.

We request and encourage all parents to show an interest in your child's education by supporting the standards and policies of the Corona-Norco Unified School District. We are trying to achieve fundamental/conservative dress attire for C.F.I.S. Parental support in this effort is crucial to the maintenance of these policies.

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