Mrs. Hughes' Homework
8/19/19:  Time capsule due tomorrow, colonies quiz tomorrow, brain pop and map due too.
8/20/19:  LA: time capsule due tomorrow History: N/A
8/21/19:  History:  Mayflower compact worksheet due Friday
8/22/19:  history none review for quiz next week LA: finishing I-ready diagnostic
8/23/19:  LA:  finish I-Ready diagnostic History:  agriculture map in spiral
8/26/19:  LA:  finish iReady diagnostic History:  French + Indian war brain pop
8/27/19:  LA:  "What to bring?" History: update spiral chap 2.5
8/28/19:  History:  study spiral for quiz Friday. Chap 2 20 m/c
8/29/19:  LA:  suitcase project due tomorrow at end of period History:  study for quiz tomorrow chap 2 20 m/c questions
8/30/19:  History:  N/A LA:  suitcase project
9/3/19:  museum indians
9/4/19:  history: brain pop American revolution
9/5/19:  LA:  museum Indians venn diagram history: American revolution notes
9/6/19:  LA:  get poster for penpals project
9/9/19:  LA 1 - penpals 2 - museum Indians Venn diagram t-chart
Hist-tea cup project due Fri
9/10/19:  History: same as Monday LA:  museum Indians cite the evidence wksht
9/11/19:  History:  9/11 notes and summary + tea cup project due Fri
9/12/19:  LA:  T-shirt + cite evidence due History: teacup project
9/13/19:  LA:  post card (2) hand-out, intro
9/16/19:  History: summary of D. of I. scroll notes LA:  none
9/17/19:  LA:  rough draft of "museum Indians" compare/contrast essay History:  finish Cornell notes on American Revolution
9/18/19:  History: pg 97, #1-5
9/19/19:  History: problems 1-4 and 1-5 from yesterday LA: work on essay
9/20/19:  LA: final draft for compare and contrast essay
9/23/19:  LA:  Museum Indians essay due tomorrow History: review digital citizenship quiz tomorrow
9/24/19:  LA:  My Favorite Chaperone review questions History: none
9/25/19:  History:  4-1 wksht
9/26/19:  LA:  Finish MFC History:  4-2 wksht
9/30/19:  History:  Articles of Confederation notes LA:  complete review Q's for my favorite chaperone
10/1/19:  History:  Article of Confederation brochure LA:  my favorite chaperone review questions
10/2/19:  History: none LA: none
10/3/19:  History:  update spiral LA: what is the horro genre? 1-6
10/4/19:  History: none LA: none
10/7/19:  History:  memorize the preamble LA: review Edgar Allan Poe notes
10/8/19:  History:  memorize the preamble LA: review Edgar Allan Poe notes
10/9/19:  History: memorize the preamble LA: none
10/10/19:  History: memorize preamble (presenting tomorrow) LA: notes
10/14/19:  LA: none History: none
10/15/19:  LA: Raven notes History: matrix to #9
10/17/19:  N/A