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Binder Requirements

Mandatory Contents:

  1. good quality 2-inch, 3-ring binder with pocket inserts -- NAME ONLY ON THE BINDER (no pictures or stickers)
  2. 6-7 subject dividers to separate each section of your binder
  3. zippered pouch to store pencils, pens, erasers, etc.
  4. 2 or more pens (blue or black ink)
  5. 2 or more pencils (mechanical pencils with extra leads OK)
  6. erasers
  7. coloring pencils
  8. lined notebook paper
  9. CFIS Agenda Planner

Suggested Contents:

  1. USB flash drive
  2. 4 highlighters (red, green, blue, pink)
  3. Sticky Tabs or Post-It Notes
  4. Calculator 

Binder Order:

  1. zippered pouch
  2. CFIS Agenda Planner
  3. unused lined paper section
  4. CMP3 math book
  5. dividers for each class (Period 1, Per. 2, Per. 3, etc.)

If for any reason you are unable to attain these supplies, please let the CFIS Main Office know at least 2 days before a scheduled binder check (typically on a Monday)... The office can help you remedy the situation.

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